Periodontitis risks

Gum diseases increase!

  • gum bleeding
  • red gums
  • decent pain

are signs of inflamed gums mainly caused of by germs in the mouth

If these are not removed in time, diseases of the tissues surrounding the teeth, periodontitis, may develop. Jaw bones are affected, even decay free teeth may become loose and drop off.

Gum diseases can be prevented

The best protection is consistent mouth hygiene and regular preventive measures.

Scientific studies have shown that patients who regularly undergo PRZ suffer less frequently from periodontitis.

If teeth are controlled by a dentist every half a year diseases can be diagnosed early in development.

Precise diagnosis and mild therapy

Parodontitis are treated according to current scientific knowledge- Gentle ultra sound and powder airflow technology

Parodontal Screening Index (PSI) of the gum pockets is used to achieve precise diagnosis for individualized therapy Infections can be stopped rapidly using Full Mouth Disinfection (FMD).