Teeth replacements


Quality & Aesthetics

Teeth replacements should achieve the same functions as your own teeth:

  • natural and good looking
  • allign properly within the teeth rows
  • biologically compartible
  • strong, stable and resistant
  • restore natural chewing functionality
  • guarantie optimum mouth hygiene

We offer aesthetically high-quality solutions.

Ceramic crowns and bridges

We may restore teeth completely and metal-free by using ceramic crowns or bridges. Full functionality is restored to achieve a natural feeling.

High content gold alloys with ceramic lining offer favourable optimal characteristics in terms of aesthetics, biocompatibility and longevity. Which material is applicable for you, depends on your personal situation and desires

Removable dentures

If removable dentures are needed, several methods for fixing the dentures in the mouth are possible. We offer invisible supports for dentures.

There different possibilities for fitting in removable dentures depending on whether they should be partial or complete removal is required.