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Environmental Dental Medicine
The origin of chronic diseases and allergies is often in the mouth

Nowadays many people are suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases. These include allergies, diabetes, rheumatism, chronic inflammatory diseases of the bowel, thyroiditis, osteoporosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, parodontitis and other auto-immune diseases. The incidence of these illnesses rises dramatically, especially amongst younger people. The affected persons are often limited in their quality of life and health.

Causes for these disorders of health include several environmental factors, such as fine dust, mould formation in homes and vapourations from furnitures and floors. Dental materials can also play an important role. They are used to build fillings, crowns and bridges, implants and dentures. If a patient reacts with allergies against these materials, problems of general health can appear. Another cause for health problems can be seen in root canal filled teeth and chronic inflammations of the jaw-bone, for instance after the removal of a tooth.

What is environmental dentistry?

Environmental dental medicine is a new field of research and unites dentistry, general medicine and dental technology. The human being ist not only seen as a number of teeth, but as a whole organism, where everything is connected and well balanced. After a detailed medical history we can analyse your blood and give you advice about used materials and existing allergies and can also test new materials.