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Kid's teeth
Fear should not even occur

One, who had positive experiences during childhood at a dentist, will maintain this attitude in the adult stage this is a basis for life long healthy and beautiful teeth.

We take care to meet the special needs of our young patients, in order to achieve a fear and pain-free dental treatment.

Correct dental care and professional teeth cleaning should begin early with the milk teeth to avoid caries and toothaches.

Dental care and prophylaxis right from the start

Milk teeth are place holders for future teeth

If one manages to keep the milk teeth healthy, permanent teeth will develop optimally. Milk teeth save space for the permanent teeth and guide them into position.

If a baby tooth is lost too soon, the teeth beside it may tilt, causing permanent teeth to come in crooked.

Fluoride and fissure sealing

Fluorides make the teeth more resistant against acid attacks. They promote the remineralisation of the enamel, so that even caries in the early stage, is curable.

We seal decay susceptible teeth as needed. The so called fissures, grooves and crevices on the biting surfaces of molars in which food leftovers can easily be trapped are at most risk.

Orthodontics at the right time

There is no need to have tilted teeth at this point in time. Mispositioned teeth can be detected early during regular dental controls and corrected.

Precaution during pregnancy

Dental care and tooth precaution are particularly important during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risks of tooth decay or periodontitis. Bacteria causing tooth decay can be transferred from the mother to the child. This can be avoided by targeted prophylaxis.