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Precaution for your dental health
Prevention protects against tooth decay and periodontitis

Our specially trained prophylaxis expert Carolina Wiese is there to help you maintain healthy teeth. Your teeth can remain healthy and beautiful even up to old age by applying effective preventive measures, right mouth hygiene and healthy nutrition.

The two main threats for teeth are tooth decay and periodontitis. Tooth decay is caused by acids produced by bacteria. Bacteria in the dental plaque are also the cause of gum inflammation leading to periodontitis from sugar containing food stuff. Individualized prevention programs protect you from tooth decay and periodontitis.

Professional dental cleaning

Professional teeth’s cleaning plays an important part in maintaining the health of teeth and the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Professional teeth care is highly recommended from aesthetic perspectives. Professional cleaning helps to remove stains on the teeth caused by smoking, red wine tea, coffee and other food stuff.

Our prophylaxis specialist starts by removing tarter and plaque. Subsequently, the teeth are thoroughly polished.

Professional teeth’s cleaning should be performed at least twice per year and if necessary further measures should be implemented:

  • effective cleaning techniques and teeth cleaning instructions
  • fissure sealing
  • fluoride treatment
  • nutrition counselling

Regular professional dental cleaning considerably increases the longevity of implants. We are happy to advise you on this.